With letters comes condemnation

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Lycra-loving men forge the fashion world,” Sept. 14, 2000

Dear Todd Jackson,

It is a pleasure to realize there still are many redneck Calgarians alive and well. (By the way, when did you manage to learn to stop walking on all fours and learn to write?) Having travelled around the world (you do know that it isn’t flat, don’t you?) I have experienced fashion. No, not just the fashion of “one-size too big” which is ever prevalent in Calgary, but fashion where people–yes, even me–wear clothing with style. You think this “tighter” style of clothes is a new thing! Sorry to disappoint you, old friend (must suck to live with tunnel vision!). In Europe, tight is right!

Yet this act of “looking good” for males is not just European. Aussies are well into the look-good-feel-good-let’s-get-drunk idea of clothing. Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney, Paris, Munich, Berlin, London, New York… all these cities and most countries have accepted that men can look sexy. Men can look good and enjoy clothing.

Now I have to admit, not all these “style” clothes are going to work very well when you are bringing the horses back to the corral or when you are milking the cows. Yet, they do look good everywhere else and at least when we shop we can enjoy it and we know that we will never be stuck in Walmart looking at the collared shirts, wondering if the medium or large will still cover our flabby, milk-white bodies.

Well travelled and not a redneck,
Jason Carnew


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