Alumnus disgusted

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Daddy’s work comes first for Catherine, Sept. 28, 2000

As a proud U of C graduate, it is with shock and disgust that I write regarding the vulgar editorial your staff published concerning the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark and his daughter, Catherine.

My memories of the Gauntlet are of a campus paper that always valued free comment from its readers and writers. This piece not only crosses the line of good taste, it suggests to me that the student paper of our university is being run by amateurs who value shock and juvenile journalism over intelligent debate and free speech.

How can you justify attacking someone in this manner simply because you obviously don’t support her father as a politician? Do your editors not support the endeavours of their parents?

Is this the type of “free speech” the staff of the Gauntlet fought for in the early ’70s when the university banned the publishing of the paper? I think not.

I would appreciate a reply from the editors of the paper explaining why this was published. At the very least, I would expect the Gauntlet to publish an apology to the Clark family.

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