Slurpee Wars

Though the temperature outside is dropping, the Students’ Union believes there is an unfed slurpee demand on campus. After $29,000 was approved to meet this demand, two slurpee machines were bought and will probably be located at the SU’s convenience store.

According to SU Vice-president Operations and Finance Matt Lauzon, the machines were bought to provide the students with better service.

"I am confident that this increase in service will be viewed favourably by students," said Lauzon.

The location of the machines is not definite yet, but at least one of the machines will be installed in the SU’s convenience store. The price of slurpees is not yet decided either; it will be determined according to the demand of the product.

"We expect that these machines will be paid off within a year of purchase, depending of course on the price that will be charged," said

The demand of the product will not be the only factor that will affect its price. The Campus Cove is the only other campus location outside of residence where slurpees can be bought, and a new competitor will influence their prices. At the Campus Cove you can buy a small slurpee for $0.75, a medium for $1.00, and a large for $1.50, but these prices might change in the future.

"That’s what competition is all about," said Campus Cove Manager Angela Lively. "You do your price check and then you modify your prices compared to those of the competition."

One thing is certain: there will be one more place to buy slurpees, and the price battle may benefit consumers.

"I don’t think it’s necessary to have another slurpee machine," said third-year student Blake MacHan. "But it’ll be good to have some competition so the prices go down."

While the new machine will make it easier for students to find a slurpee, it will not increase their flavour options since the SU and the Campus Cove are both restricted to selling Pepsi flavours exclusively.


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