Students need a vote

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Students want the franchise," Nov. 9, 2000

I was pleased to read in the Gauntlet that some progress is being made at making students VOTING members of Faculty Promotions Committees. This very positive change has been a long time coming, and Mr. Porco of the Students’ Union is to be commended for pursuing it vigorously.

In the Faculty of Continuing Education, we are now entering our third year of having
a student as a voting member of our FPC. Having a student as a full member has enriched the scope of discussion, and ensured that the student perspective is heard and valued. Our student members have always taken their duties very seriously and participated fully in the process.

While I appreciate the logistical hurdles involved in implementing this in other faculties, I would urge them to make every effort to do so. Our students are the primary reason we are here, and it seems only just that they should participate fully in telling us how well we are meeting their educational needs.


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