Men’s Basketball: Report card time

By Scott Lepp

Talent: A-

Dinos in 2003! Sadly, it’s two seasons away. The Dinos have a young backcourt that is going to conquer the world, or at the very least, the CIAU. John Riad and Whit Hornsberger are the kind of dynamic duo that strike fear in the hearts of their opponents and make Regis and Kathie Lee look like amateurs. There’s the lightning-quick point guard with a sixth sense for finding the open man and a shooting guard that scores at will. They may not be Mark Jackson and Vince Carter yet, but it’s only a matter of time. As soon as they recruit a young big man, I’ll drop the minus and hail them as the team to beat.

Effort: B-

There is actually an average that I came up with. Some times effort deserves an A+, and sometimes it’s a very generous D. This year’s team has a significant Jeckyl and Hyde complex as attested by their outing against the Bison’s a week and a half ago. The final grade hinges on whether Hyde can banish the uninspired and somewhat embarrassing Dr. Jeckyl once and for all.

Coaching: B+

Finally, an ever-necessary coaching change in the U of C program. Head Coach Dan Vanhooren stepped in and rejuvenated a fledgling program. His youthful, fresh approach to strategy and player relations and an on-court style of high-tempo pressure D and a fast break offence have me recalling the exploits of Tark and his Runnin’ Rebs (although a move to amoeba D would be greatly appreciated). Not only will this new coach eventually lead them to a CIAU championship, but attendance will also soar as the product is exciting regardless of the outcome.

Overall: B

I realize this seems low but we have to take into account actual performance. Inconsistent play undermines the incredible potential and exciting new style that will define Canada West basketball for the next few years. Not since Richard Bohne’s rookie year has the men’s basketball program had so much potential and hope for the future.

Food They Remind Me Of: Kraft Dinner, depending on the consistency and effort, it can be the most immaculate of foodstuffs; without, it’s just a bunch of soggy noodles.