Vertical Limit: you’ll be clinging to your seat

By Ruth Davenport

The first thing to understand about Vertical Limit is it’s not a climbing movie. Yes, the actors do some climbing, but it’s in the movie primarily as a means to an end. If you’re expecting to pick up climbing tips, you’ll be disappointed. Having said that, it’s a damn good action flick. Vertical Limit has… Continue reading Vertical Limit: you’ll be clinging to your seat

Old-school S&M

Over the ages tyrannical oppressors, be they Nero, Napoleon or Margaret Thatcher, have recognized the old adage, "the pen is mightier than the sword." Remove the pen, remove the bothersome leftist trying to overthrow the existing regime, right? Quills documents the story of French writer Marquis de Sade who was jailed and condemned to death… Continue reading Old-school S&M

Loosen up this holiday season

By Jen Pearson

A fist fight almost decided who would play Ebeneezer Scrooge at Loose Moose Theatre this year. "Derek [Flores] would have lost," Dennis Cahill says, sure he can out-punch the other cast members. Never mind the Christmas spirit, the democratic spirit will have the audience choosing Scrooge election-style. Every night they’ll be taking a vote before… Continue reading Loosen up this holiday season