Women’s Volleyball: Report card time

By Daorcey Le Bray

The Yay or Nay coin for Women’s Volleyball has just about landed, and as the team steps away from the first part of their season, the numbers appear to be in their favour. I know that it means about as much as a mark from a prof of 500, but here’s how those numbers stack up to make a report card that’ll go straight on the fridge.

Talent: B+

Talent is a strong point for the Dinos: there are certain players who shine when they hit the court. The amazing Alisa Marriott has the skills that explain why she presently holds the second highest kill efficiency in Canada West, the number one spot in highest kills (followed by the also amazing Amanda Moppett), and the fifth position for most digs. Up to four other players on the team also enter those listings, along with most blocks and service aces, and that ain’t too shabby.

Effort: A-

An "E" for effort reminiscent of those slow days of junior high. I remember my friend telling me that he was a better student because, even though our marks were the same, his effort was often suspect. In debate of his position, I booby-trapped his tree fort. Obviously, I defend effort and its importance, and the gals this year have given it all a good shot even though they didn’t booby-trap their opposition.

Performance: A

There’s no doubt the lady Dinos are a definite pleasure to watch.

Overall: B+ and A- and A and mom’s peanut brittle gives A-

An 8-2 record pretty much speaks for itself. This year’s Dinos haven’t yet given up an entire weekend; they’ve only split a couple of two-match series with Canada West’s top-ranked University of British Columbia Thunderbirds and the third-place U of A Pandas, making our gals second. As for the national rankings, the Dinos have held fifth position for the past few weeks.

With an A-, the home team should be looking forward to being a solid force in the post season.

Food most like: My mom’s peanut brittle. Every year the culinary inept children gather around in anticipation for the sweet treat. Most of the time… mmmm. Every now and then the chocolate and caramel separate in the oven and you have to eat it with a spoon.