Swimmers solid second

A wise man once said there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. A glance at the Dinos’ results at last weekend’s Canada West finals confirms this bit of 19th-century knowledge. While both the men and women Dinos came in second, and only three individual Dinos won events, the weekend was a… Continue reading Swimmers solid second

Herald misinterprets U of C professor

One of the University of Calgary’s own had a run-in with the mainstream media recently. Following Professor Shadia Drury’s Jan. 19 lecture, the Calgary Herald ran a front-page article entitled "Jesus called ‘bad tempered.’" "My position is much more complex than presented in the Herald," she said. "I spoke against Christianity in politics, not against… Continue reading Herald misinterprets U of C professor

Magnetic attraction

A new 700-MHz Nuclear Magnet Resonance machine topped off a $3 million upgrade to the U of C’s Bio-NMR Centre on Wednesday. The magnet, engineered in Switzerland and insured for $2 million, will allow researchers to study solid samples. "It’s a much more powerful magnet than what we had," said Professor Hans Vogel. "It’s the… Continue reading Magnetic attraction

Club space finally open

After nearly nine months of living out of their backpacks, University of Calgary clubs finally have a home in MacEwan Hall. "The clubs [were] made into refugees at the end of last year… to make way for the SU offices," said Club Committee Chair Jordan Bonner. "We were told the club space would be finished… Continue reading Club space finally open