Short, sweet and to the point: Events forum

By Ruth Davenport

The third instalment in the Students’ Union election forum series was underattended, harmonious and the best value for money of any forum all week.

SU Vice-president Events Alix d’Archangelo took the stage at Speaker’s Corner to put two VP and three commissioner candidates through their paces. The questions addressed key issues and included an element of humour.

Chris Kerr and fellow VP candidate Tina Pringle answered questions on subjects such as the Dinos’ Athletic Advisory Council, future Bitter Balls, U of C 101 and stress management tactics.

"I was really nervous," admitted Pringle. "I blanked out a few times, but I think overall we got people to listen to us, to see that we have new ideas we can implement."

The two VP candidates were harmonious, trading "I agree" and "that’s a great idea" back and forth at the microphone. Both had generous comments for the other in response to "name one strong point of your competitor." Kerr addressed Pringle’s poise and confidence while Pringle pointed out Kerr’s previous experience as an Events commissioner.

Though three commissioner candidates–Oliver Ho, Jon Larsen and Paula Skladan–were absent with apologies from the forum, this didn’t stop d’Archangelo from having fun with the remaining three candidates. Ian Thorner, Irene Enyedy and Sarah Richards took the stage to field critical queries on their platforms and subjects such as Students’ Legislative Council.  Though all three candidates acquitted themselves well at the microphone, Thorner stymied all opposition with his reply to the question, "What event would you hold with an unlimited budget and resources and no restraints?" His response: "Have Bermuda Shorts Day in Bermuda."

"I think the forum went really well," said Kerr, who scored big points with a sparse crowd for residence-friendly ideas of holding events in the Rundle Hall-Kananaskis Hall courtyard and the dining centre.

"We had a really good turnout and the questions were well formed, they were fair [and] they asked us about our ideas and plans and gave us the opportunity to share what we had to offer," he said.

Students can cast their votes for the Events commission and VP in the SU general election until Friday.

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