SU elections underway

By Ruth Davenport

Nominations for the University of Calgary Students’ Union general election closed on Wed., Feb. 28 at precisely 12:30 p.m.

In contrast with last year’s poorly contested executive race, only one Vice-presidency remained uncontested at the critical hour. A whopping 15 candidates will lace up the gloves for the remaining four positions.
Vice-president External-elect Oliver Bladek expressed mixed feelings over his acclamation.

"I’m happy to be acclaimed because my marks won’t suffer due to a prolonged campaign," he mused. "I would have liked an election to make myself known to students, but I do plan on attending all the external forums. My commitment to the position is no less for having been acclaimed and I am looking forward to accomplishing my platform goals starting on May 1."

Of particular note is the monster list of contenders battling for the office of SU President. No less than eight individuals returned their nomination packages in time to become official candidates for the role. In contrast, the academic and external commissions are derelict, with only two and one candidates running, respectively. The nomination period will be extended for these positions in the hope they will be filled.

The elections will be held from March 14-16.

Following is the list of candidates for each contested position.

President: Daniel Margetic, Thomas Mathers, Jonathan Olsen, Brad Parkyn, André Rodrigues, Steve Skitch, Barbara Wright, Ryan Yau.

Vice-president Academic: Nicolas Porco, Bryndis Whitson.

Vice-president Operations and Finance: Jordan Bonner, Natasha Dhillon, Travis Fast.

Vice-president Events: Chris Kerr, Tina Pringle.

Events Commission: Irene Enyedy, Oliver Ho, Jon Larsen, Sarah Richards, Paula Skladan, Ian Thorner.

Operations and Finance Commission: Les Champ, Mark Counsell, Jana Hanova, Matthew Stambaugh, Robbie White.

Senate: Jane Alkhouri, Stephanie Andrews, Jeff Bone, Andrew Pickles.

Board of Governors: Matt Dalidowicz, Toby White.