How to throw like a Spice GirlÉ or a human

Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Sexism still runs rampant," March 1, 2001

For all the injustice done to women, Ms. Steeves isn’t helping the cause by asking, "Who decided throwing like a girl was bad?" The question you should ask is why so many girls aren’t getting the same opportunity to develop their athletic skills and throw the right way. The problem is that a patriarchal society hasn’t allowed girls to develop the correct way to throw, and now this incorrect way to throw has been named after them.

But perpetuating the myth that all girls throw this incorrect way, saying that women should follow their natural instincts, and saying that this is an example of how female characteristics are considered to be inferior is laughable. And I do not understand how Ms. Steeves makes the analogy between saying "you throw like a girl" and "you throw like a (insert racial slur)." For the comparison to be fair, the word "girl" must be derogatory. However, the only instance of this occurring is when the word "spice" precedes it.

Also, Ms. Steeves asks the question, "When racism was a raging societal illness, how was it dealt with?" When it happens, we’ll let you know.

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