It’s not just a "female problem"

Who says feminism is for women? Well, to be more accurate, who says it’s only for women? Feminism, which advocates equal rights for women in society, can do a lot for men these days.

You might be asking how, exactly, can a women’s movement help men? The answer is quite simple. One aim of feminism is to break down what are called binaries, also called binary oppositions or oppositional dualisms. They are mutually “exclusive” concepts such as nature/culture, or even black/white, rich/poor.

According to Ciksena and Cuklanz, two prominent feminist scholars, these terms tend to be hierarchical, valuing one term more than the other. The dualisms are essentially what make up gender–femininity and masculinity. The fact that there is still women and men’s work, and still separate play for boys and girls, show how these are apparent even today. By breaking down these oppositions and allowing men–or women–to be as feminine or masculine as they choose gives them chance to be individuals. Men no longer have to be the Marlboro Man and women don’t need to be Kate Moss. This allows for an equal valuing of both genders, with both sexes knowing each other on an individual, instead of stereotypical, level.

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