Klein upsets Toby White

By Natalie Sit

Students’ Union President Toby White is upset with Premier Klein for two reasons. In the Feb. 26 leaders’ debate, Mr. Klein referred to White as a girl and read an excerpt from a letter written by White.

The letter, addressed to Alberta Learning Minister Lyle Oberg and carbon-copied to Klein, thanked the Alberta government for creating the Student Loan Relief program and the new automatic loan remission. The letter also requested changes to the student loan needs assessment and an extension of the Jason Lang Scholarships.

Klein read the excerpt during the post-secondary portion of the debate.

"It was a little upsetting he used the letter without contacting me," said White. "He didn’t misquote, but it was during the Liberal’s debate on tuition. Remission doesn’t solve the tuition problem. The idea we’re still not concerned is wrong."

Klein campaign spokesperson Gordon Turtle disputes White’s claim, citing Klein’s opinions were consistent with the message in the letter.

"Letters written on behalf of large organizations are a matter of public record," said Turtle. "There is no reason it was a confidential letter. The need to contact in advance didn’t occur to the staff."

White noted that Klein referred to him in the female gender which Turtle apologizes for.

"There was no identity in the letter," said Turtle. "Some females are named Toby but it’s a male name."


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