Re: " America’s Tragedy: A student perspective on September 11 ," Sept. 13, 2001

Editor, the Gauntlet

I am sickened and disgusted that Americans are being blamed for the horrific attacks–indeed acts of war–against Washington and New York City.

Blaming the mass murders on the "American Dream" is ridiculous. Frequent references to consumerism are pointless. Furthermore, no policy or lack thereof could have prevented this tragedy. The United States was the target simply because it is a symbol of freedom and democracy. It is envied for being wealthy and powerful. Does that mean being poor gives license to kill? Should we rewrite history? Was it Poland’s fault that Hitler invaded, thus starting the Second World War?

Even hatred of freedom and democracy need not be reasons for terrorist attacks; terrorists like bin Laden hate the United States for the sake of hating the United States. They have twisted their religion to support their fanatical beliefs. It is misleading to assume their crimes were prompted solely by opposition to American intervention in the Middle East, when in fact, suffering and death for their own sake is what they believe in. It was not just Americans that died on September 11, 2001.

There is no such thing as justice when confronted with an act of war. Evil cannot be reasoned with. Unfortunately, some Canadians’ views and those of the worlds fanatics may have too much in common. The fact is America is forced to go to war and they need not apologize.

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