Re: " The invisible victor ," Oct. 25, 2001,

Editor, the Gauntlet,

It would be terribly ignorant and very misguided to label the "terrorists" involved in the September 11 attacks as destitute individuals, with "nothing left for them to care for or protect."

This article conjures up images of starving, homeless Muslim men literally melting in the hot Middle Eastern sun, just waiting to die. These are not the people who brought down the Twin Towers. The terrorists who were involved in these attacks were in fact people who had been living quite well in both the United States and Canada. Many of them had degrees from prestigious schools south of the border and were well established, well accepted in individuals in their respective communities.

The fact that they were willing to die does not reflect the quality of life they led. If this were the case, 75 per cent of this university’s population would be "willing to die" as well. These were men who were so blinded by their faith, and so disillusioned by those who had taught them, that they believed their existence could only be vindicated by bringing down the United States.

Misrepresentations such as the ones put forth by the author will only breed more ignorance and stereotyping. Articles such as this only perpetuate the wrongful assumption that anyone who looks Arabic is somehow affiliated with the terror of September 11.

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