Re: " War crime guilt is a global affair ," Nov. 1, 2001,

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Chris Morrison’s article perfectly displays the blissful doublethink of certain members of today’s media.

He criticizes the trial of Milosevic as hypocritical, "those accusing him are just as guilty," while also managing to criticize the American bombing campaign in Afghanistan with a reference to their having blown up "Red Cross buildings."

The problem is that when he talks about Milosevic, he criticizes the Americans and the global community for not acting soon enough or with enough force to stop Milosevic earlier. When he criticizes the Americans in Afghanistan he says they act too fast and recklessly.

Does Mr. Morrison think international politics are easy? Does he believe the American government has a crystal ball which allows it to perceive the entire scope of any course of action it takes? Does he believe there was some solution to either one of these conflicts that involved neither military action nor perceived inaction? What exactly does he propose be done in situations where there is a government acting in a way the rest of us find to be anti-social?

If Mr. Morrison knows a way in which the governments of the world can act which neither interferes with internal affairs nor allows for the abuse of people by their governments, he should let us know. Otherwise, his criticism is just calling someone bad because all of their available choices happen to have bad consequences.

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