Getting by with help from friends

By Lawrence Bailey

I wonder if the tortoise schooled the hare the second time they raced? Doubtful. You see, you only underestimate a foe once–humility is a lifelong lesson.

After an outstanding four-game homestand two weekends ago that saw the men’s soccersaurs display an aggressive dominance not seen since Napoleon’s measured march across Europe, the Dinos swung by the West Coast for a trio of matches to close out the Canada West regular season. Once there, they were sadly more reminiscent of the geographically and circumstantially unfortunate Poles–victims of horrible luck. The Canada West championships take place in Victoria Nov. 2-3, and a return to Napoleonic brilliance is definitely in order.

"We were just unlucky all weekend," said midfielder Matt Houston. "We hit crossbars, we hit posts, there were a few times the ball got cleared off the line."

Those bad breaks coupled with a wealth of talent in British Columbia held the Dinos to a solitary goal and an 0-2-1 record over the three game span. This coming on the heels of back-to-back three goal games at home. No need to worry though, it apparently wasn’t the result of a lack of ability or effort.

"The match against the University of Victoria was a good game," Dinos midfielder Brian Newmarch explained when asked about the Oct. 28 tilt against the second place Vikings. "We played probably our best half of the season in the second half, we just didn’t slot any chances."

The lone Dinos goal of the weekend came courtesy the man affectionately known as "Diggler"–midfielder Andrew Zakaluzny– against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds. Zakaluzny has played very well as of late and seems to have found a scorer’s touch. He’s tallied three goals over the last seven games. There are many theories for this sudden emergence and his solid play on the coast in particular.

"Diggler plays really well when his girlfriend is watching," chuckled Houston, referring to Zakaluzny’s Victoria-based better half. "The Dinos should fly his girlfriend out to our Calgary games because he plays so much better when she’s there."

Regardless of who’s in the stands in their playoff opener against UVic Fri., Nov. 2, the boys are heading into the game brimming with confidence.

"Everybody is confident going into next weekend," stated Houston. "Especially [Dinos midfielder] Luis Morales."

Newmarch took it one step further, giving what we in the business call a "guaranteed win night."

"We’re going to win on Friday. I know that."

G-G-G-Goal Notes:

Could it be growing pains? After bursting onto the scene last weekend, La Familia struggled mightily in their first independent road trip, as did their affiliated crew, the DPA.

The men’s goal scoring woes can be attributed to "Dinos Disease" said wounded women’s star Megan Dourado, drawing the ire of Matt Houston.

"We’re not diseased!" he angrily retorted. "You are!"

Later he changed his tune, placing the blame squarely on La Familia and the DPA.

"The Tigers share the wealth, they’re the least selfish of the group," he explained. "La Familia and the DPA won’t pass the ball to the Tigers. That’s why we aren’t scoring. Because the Tigers are the only ones who score."