VP Academic

By Jamie Hellewell

Simply put, Darby Semeniuk was the most engaging, most prepared and most impressive of any candidate in any position. He had an enthusiasm that was infectious and a mind-boggling knowledge of the portfolio. Charismatic, confident and qualified, Semeniuk is the clear choice for VPA.


Semeniuk has only one year of SU experience: this past year as the Communication and Culture faculty representative. However the portfolio-related knowledge he displayed, and the complete understanding the role he would play both in the SU and in the university at large was evidence of his preparation and enthusiasm.


The central aspect of Semeniuk’s platform is a communication overhaul. He acknowledged that academics are not the most gripping of topics, but had very inventive ways to stimulate interest in the portfolio, including cabaret-like events. Other aspects of his platform are the facilitation and observation of Direct Entry, and the promotion of research at the undergraduate level.


This is the area in which Semeniuk excels. He is very professional in his presentation and has a charisma, presence and silently dominant persona that cannot be ignored. Semeniuk’s near fanatical devotion to organization will also serve him well as VP Academic. He is articulate, intelligent and immediately commands the trust and respect of all those he addresses. He has all the necessary qualities required to excel in this position.

Magic Eight Ball says:

Without a doubt.