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External is one of the most interesting platforms, though you wouldn’t know it from talking to Nick Vuckovic. Though basically informed with decent proposals, he’s not exactly inspiring. While it’s not his duty to get everyone excited about the SU, it’d be nice if he showed some passion about the portfolio he wishes to make his own.


Vuckovic has volunteered on-campus through U of C 101, and is currently an External Commissioner. He’s obviously paid attention to student issues, as he is aware and knowledgeable of lobby groups, differential tuition and the current loan situation, though more specific knowledge-such as the 30 per cent tuition cap-left him stumped.


“Pragmatic lobbying” is Vuckovic’s plan. He’d rather work with administration than against, though that plan may have to be tossed aside to reach his tuition freeze goal. While he’s in favour of higher salaries for professors and against differential tuition, Vuckovic believes research and expansion should be financed by administration, not students. Not only does he fully understand the important lobbying groups-Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and CAUS-he has good ideas to make better use of the local one, CalFASA, to gain funding and better transit service. Getting off-campus media coverage and making better use of forums and posters are his solutions for communication problems.


Vuckovic would put in a solid performance as VP External, but with the state of loans, tuition and student involvement on campus, we need someone with more promise.

The Magic Eight Ball says:

Most likely.


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