The Crown Float

By Aaron Whitfield

In these parts, Strongbow and Guinness combine to create the king of beverages known as the “Crown Float.” It is a process from the pour to the consumption. Once ordered, the bartender needs to know the ingredients, the pouring order and the “spoon” trick to ensure a proper Crown. The recipient, unaware of the care poured into this exquisite beverage, enjoys a smooth, transitional taste sensation.

Tasting begins with Guinness, a thick and dark full-bodied stout, which floats defiantly on the clear golden Strongbow Cider. As one takes each sip, the Guinness starts to blend with the tart, thirst-quenching cider. The result of the blend is a unique flavour found only in the Crown Float. Sips at the midpoint of consumption must be relished. As the bottom nears, the cider leaves you wanting another. A glass, layered with evidence of frothy goodness, is all that remains.


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