Mannequin Depression, Trash-Eighty

Calgary may not seem like the ideal breeding ground for a band trying to recreate the post-punk club scene. Tossing these assumptions aside, local band Mannequin Depressives’ debut CD, Trash-Eighty, is like discovering a vault of never before heard Euro synth-pop hidden for twenty years.

Mannequin Depressives is presently a niche band, catering to the Calgary underground. They show promise with songs such as “Cyberdelic,” a hard driving club track that uses their electronic sound to their fullest. “What Happened?” is a soft interlude that lets lead vocalist Rod Dornian exercise his talent, which is sadly underutilized on the album.

Overall, Trash-Eighty is a mixed bag, with some songs approaching excellence and others merely pedestrian. Much of their percussion seems recycled and some of their synth would have been better left in the 80’s. However, their sampling technique is superb and their vocals fit perfectly for the authentic retro feel. As a first effort, this CD shows Mannequin Depressives is a band that has potential to someday become a major player in the Calgary club scene.


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