Science agendas

By Eric Fung

Achievements of the Faculty of Science will no longer be a mystery to students with the release of the new science agendas.

The agendas were launched on Sept. 25 in conjunction with the Faculty of Science’s “meet the dean” night, which gave students the opportunity to meet Dean Dr. Michael Boorman and other faculty members. The project was conceived by Boorman’s summer student Gloria Mak, a third-year Zoology major.

“I met with professors on the dean’s hit list,” Mak explained. “I came to realize how excited they were about their research, their accomplishments, their discoveries; I wondered why we were not showcasing faculty members and their research.”

What the faculty hopes to achieve with the agendas, Boorman said, is to highlight its work in the diverse fields of science.

“This agenda was made to share what’s going on in the faculty,” explained Boorman. “Clearly, in profiling 30 faculty members, there are over 170 others we haven’t covered. We hope to continue this project in future years, profiling different individuals.”

Although the departments of Chemistry, and Physics and Astronomy are underrepresented in the agenda, Boorman believed that next year’s edition would cover areas missed by the current version.