Den to instate cover charge

By Eric Fung

For the first time, it’s not the students that have to pay, as the Den introduces a new $2.00 cover charge for non-students on Thursday and Friday nights.

"The cover charge will serve a two-fold purpose," said Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Robbie White. "First, it will be a small source of revenue. Second, the Den is a student bar, and so students should benefit from [the charge]."

Students will prove their enrollment by presenting a U of C student id card, so both current students and alumni will be exempted from the charge.

"We’ll be relatively flexible, so only non-students will be charged," said White. "There are a lot of bars in Calgary that already charge a higher cover, so I don’t expect business to decline."

The cover charge was conceived by the budget committee of the su, made up of the executive and some commissioners. It will be introduced the week of Sept. 9 when classes come into session.


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