Dino Women ready to go

Will revenge be in the Dinos women’s soccer future?

If the first thing you think of when you hear of the Dinos is their loss in the first round of the Canada West Conference finals to a sub par team, then you probably share some bitter feelings with the majority of the team. Revenge would be nice and sounds good, but how will it be achieved with the loss of such key players as Leanne Pelosi, Jessie Norrie, and Laura Stinson? These were three players that brought a lot of experience and leadership to the field.

Players like Sarah Dunlop, Katie Lee, Hema Chengkalath and Burdine Chmilar will now have to step it up a notch. These four are all entering their fifth year and each has something special to contribute to the team. However they don’t have to go at it alone, as two more senior players, Sue Hunter and Joana Koponen will also get a chance to show off their skills. These players will have to learn how to take control of the game, score, defend and lead by example if they want to take their team further.

With strong leadership, core players like Jessica Horning–who is entering her second year–will find her game. Horning is a player Head Coach Robin Slot has high hopes for, and Slot also hopes he will have two new rookie sensations in Steph Hoogvelv and Dani Harris to help take pressure away from all his key players.

The goal for this team is still the same, and they have high expectations to take it all the way. Slot believes three teams will give them a good fight: ubc, U of A, and Trinity Western.

"These teams have always been strong in the past and we expect the same thing this season."

However, if the Dinos can find the style of game that suits them best, then all the teams in the conference will just be stepping stones on the way to Nationals, and a title they’ve tasted once before.


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