Student vet misguided

Re: “Student Battles Canada,” Nov. 14, 2002.

As a former Canadian Forces Soldier and Peacekeeper, I am appalled and ashamed that Darrell Knight claims he is entitled to compensation from Veterans’ Affairs.

If I understand correctly, Citizen Knight was injured in a car accident… just outside Calgary… during peacetime. What on earth makes him think that he is entitled to compensation? This article left me with the impression that he is nothing more than a whining free loader trying to catch a ride on the gravy train.

I think it’s pretty easy to understand why he was refused compensation: Veterans’ Affairs is for “veterans” of war. (I saw no campaign medals on his ‘hero picture’). He should be reminded that the department is exclusively reserved for the people who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the principles of our society. The department must closely scrutinize each claim, because every slightly injured young man that gets a lifetime of cheques takes food from the mouth of an elderly veteran. I think they did the right thing by refusing this ridiculous claim.

Darrell Knight joined the military of his own free will. He knew it was dangerous. If he now can’t hold a job or play well with others, then maybe he should visit the friendly (and free!) Student Counseling Services on the second floor of Mac Hall. He should quit trying to make the army his scapegoat and just deal with his pathetically small problems.

Everyone in the army has been injured. Everyone who has been on a peacekeeping mission has had their personality change (usually for the worse). Everyone in the world has personality problems. He isn’t special, and he certainly doesn’t deserve free money for surviving a car wreck.

Leave veterans’ affairs for vets.


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