Headstones, The Oracle of Hi-Fi

By Russ Dyck

Well, it finally happened. Like most aging rockers, the Headstones have toned it down. Although it was only a small notch, it was noticeable when you think back to “Blowtorch,” “Cemetery,” “Oh My God,” and compare them side-by-side. Sure they haven’t followed the norms of the industry, but it seems they have started to step in line right behind. What really grabs my attention is the fact that the Headstones believe that repeating the lyrics over and over during a song is a good thing. “She Just Wants to Cry,” is a perfect example. On “She Just Wants to cry,” the line “She Just Wants to Cry,” comes just before “She Just Wants to Cry” and directly follows “She Just Wants to Cry.” You get the point. Even though the lyrics don’t pull the weight on the CD, the music does a pretty good job of hiding this secret. The Headstones know how to play their instruments, and they show this fact on The Oracle of Hi-Fi.


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