One and one

Last weekend the Dinos men’s basketball team played two disappointing games against the University of Victoria Vikes despite winning one of them.

“We’re really excited for the playoffs,” said guard John Riad. “But our focus just wasn’t there.”

From the stands, the lack of focus was the least of the Dinos’ problems. Shooting was poor, turnovers were frequent, and the team lagged behind the Vikes by ten points or more several times during each game. However, although both nights appeared challenging to the men, their shooting averages were normal, the Vikes had almost as many turnovers, and the end result of each game was closer than ten points.

How can this be? The explanation is clear: the Dinos are a sports anomaly.

How else could they play so miserably, yet defy statistical analysis and maintain normal results? How could they possible play like they should lose two games–yet finish one victoriously? It’s baffling. The final score on Friday was 73-68 for the Dinos, and 86-78 for the Vikes on Saturday. Friday’s final score fails to show the 18-point deficit from which the Dinos had to come back in the second half.

Even the regular high scorers racked up regular point totals. On Friday Riad scored 18 and Chris Wright drained 15 points. On Saturday, Whit Hornsberger and Aman Heran each netted 16.

This Friday will be the Dinos’ first home playoff game in ten years. In the regular season, the U of C was 2-2 against the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns, promising a challenge far more important than that posed by the Vikes. Hopefully, they will regain their focus by then, as well as their skills–Whit Hornsberger’s Oscar-winning acting ability excepted.

“We know Lethbridge is a better team [than the Vikes],” said Riad.

“We know we have to outwork them.”

The Dinos will go on to play the Golden Bears at the University of Edmonton in the second round if all goes well against Lethbridge. Games are Fri., Feb. 14 and Sat., Feb. 15 at

8:15 p.m. with game three on Sun., Feb. 16 at 4 p.m. if necessary.


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