By Вen Li

Students’ Union election started with a kick this Wed., Feb. 5 as acclaimed Faculty of Management Representative Faizal Jaffer chastised both vice-president external candidates during their forum.

"Both of these guys are sucking ass to [current Vice-President External] Nick Vuckovic," he said in response to the candidates’ praise of Vuckovic’s Mullets Against Tuition campaign.

Jaffer criticized the current external commission for not garnering greater attendance at the forum while both candidates discussed apathy.

"Have you looked at the issues that affect your faculties first?" he asked. "You have to work from a base and then work out."

In response, both candidates stated that they were aware of the issues facing their respective faculties.

Candidate forums run daily from 12–2 p.m. until Tuesday.

In total 30 candidates are vying for 14 contested positions in this year’s election.

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