SU election announces candidate selection

By Chris Beauchamp

Nominations are closed on three of five Students’ Union executive positions in this year’s SU General Election.The presidential race is closed, with current Residence Students’ Association president Emily Wyatt squaring off against two-time SU vice-president events Alex Vyskocil, current operations and finance commissioner Andrew Lahey, and newcomer Mark Armstrong. The 2006 VP events position will… Continue reading SU election announces candidate selection

SU Election stands

By Chris Beauchamp

The Students’ Union Tribunal, the highest SU judicial authority, reversed the SU Review Board’s decision to overturn the hotly contested 2004 SU General Election. "We were unanimous in our decision to reverse the Review Board’s decision and allow the election to stand," said Tribunal Chair Christine Nugent in a short oral statement following an hour-long… Continue reading SU Election stands

SU Election overturned

By Chris Beauchamp

In light of potential flaws in the online voting system, the Students’ Union Review Board has declared the 2004 SU General Election invalid. The Review Board’s decision calls for a new election to be held, including referendum questions and constitutional ammendments. SU President Jayna Gilchrist said the SU would be appealing the case to the… Continue reading SU Election overturned

CRO makes deadline on election report

By Dale Miller

The largest Students’ Union election in recent memory should be over by now, but it isn’t. Chief Returning Officer Shuvaloy Majumdar’s election report was delivered one day before deadline to an emergency Students’ Legislative Council meeting convened for that purpose on Sun., Mar. 14. Majumdar had 20 SU business days to report but was delayed… Continue reading CRO makes deadline on election report

1995 SU election problems: the same, yet different

By James Keller

The Thu., Mar. 18 Students’ Union Review Board hearing won’t be the first time the validity of an election was challenged before the judicial body of the SU, nor will it be the first time the prospect of overturning the entire election was considered. In March 1995, students took to the polls, electing 19 students… Continue reading 1995 SU election problems: the same, yet different

Late CRO report may break bylaws

By Natalie Sit

In another election development, Chief Returning Officer Shuvaloy Majumdar is in danger of breaking Students’ Union bylaws when a resolution allowing him to extend the deadline to report to SLC about the general election failed. If he does not submit his summary of the election and expenses by Fri., Mar. 12, Majumdar could contravene election… Continue reading Late CRO report may break bylaws

SU will not waive fees for Ramadan

By Natalie Sit

The Muslim Students’ Association will have to pay $2,610.80 for Ramadan room bookings despite petitioning the Students’ Union to have the fee waived. Debate centered on whether it was a religious or a club issue. However, an amendment striking statements mentioning the religious significance was passed. As well, an amendment to reduce fees by 75… Continue reading SU will not waive fees for Ramadan

Students say no for SLA, yes to U-Pass

By Chris Beauchamp

Students voting in the Students’ Union general election had a shot at direct democracy with five referendum questions on the ballot. Students voted overwhelmingly to continue the U-Pass, with 4,370 in favour to 1,328 against. “Personally, I’m quite surprised with the margin of victory,” said “No” campaign organizer Oliver Bladek. “I respect the decision of… Continue reading Students say no for SLA, yes to U-Pass