Morphine, The Best of Morphine

The more you listen to it, the more you want to have sex.

Essentially, this is Morphine: a band that, since their inception in 1990, has exploited their trademark sound of baritone sax, two-string slide bass and its punk-blues roots in a way that encourages even the homeliest prudes to let their minds wander. It’s the deep bass rumble that awakens the, well, baser instincts.

Morphine’s Best of is, quite possibly, the last we will hear of this underground sensation in the light of front-man Mark Sandman’s fatal heart attack onstage in 1999. Equally unfortunate is the reality that this disc falls into the trap of many "best of" compilations. While it may contain the most popular songs from this stellar band, it doesn’t offer much of a selection. The tracks, while good, tend to sound the same and lack the variety one can find on the albums that supplied the goods for this compilation (Good, Yes, Cure for Pain and b-Sides and Otherwise). For fans, this album also contains four previously unreleased tracks as well as a live video of Morphine’s unknown hit, "Shame."

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