Second-and-Fiedler spells doom for gamers

Let us ponder a well known fact. Jay Fiedler is not the man you want behind the wheel when down by three with 42 seconds left on the clock. But without trying to trace the half-drunk series of random accidents that got us to this point, there he was.

Jay Fiedler took the snap, down by three, with 42 seconds left, from the Patriots 32-yard line.

Never mind that the smart thing was to kneel, let the clock run down to Denise Richards’ IQ and kick the field goal. There is no glory in a tying field goal when you have three downs to win the game and Ricky Williams in the backfield.

It was time for glory.

First down saw an attempt at trickery, a run called “play-action misdirection.” Sounded smart, but so did IT stocks. Fiedler threw it 12 yards out of bounds bringing us to second-and-ten, at the Patriots 32. Better go to Ricky, but not with the run. No, they would be expecting that. Better throw it to Ricky.

Jay Fiedler threw a melon, a perfect pass to the Patriot defense for the game ending interception. There was a sharp sensation of pain, like snorting salt, before the realization Jay Fiedler had done it again. Second-and-Fiedler baby, Madden 2003 rules.

So realistic, so perfect. Only illustrates the fact that even video game sports can cause real pain.

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