Odds and ends for Night of the Dino

By Lawrence Bailey

Male Athlete of the Year:

David Kooperberg 2-1

Jamie Elliott 4-1

Chad Murray 6-1

Lincoln Blumell 15-2

Brian Newmarch 1000-1

Female Athlete of the Year:

Amanda Moppett 3-1

Jessica Zelinka 7.5-2

Kristy Cameron 8-1

Erin Gammel 8-1

Katie Lee 12-1

Male Rookie of the Year:

Geoff Kerr 2-1

Alex Andrews 5-2

Adam Onulov 10-1

Huy Nguyen 23-2

Female Rookie of the Year:

Janelle Findlay 3-2

Alexandra Lys 5-1

Steph Hoogveld 8-1

Mike Attersall 1000-1

— Dinos Athletic Director Don Wilson spends his time with the “important” teams 5-2

— Sports Information Director Jack Neumann is outlasted in a conversation 564-13

— Dinos athletes blatantly disregard the “best behaviour” e-mail 6-5

— The Fan Extraordinaire picks up a volleyball player 0-0

— Sports Editor Mike Attersall flirts all night long to no avail 1-1

— Chris Wright’s secret admirer finally makes her move 15-2

— Mike Attersall gets taken out back and beaten by various teams for report cards he did not write 3-2


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