New U of C admission model

“The university will admit only the number of undergraduate students each year that corresponds with the number of undergraduate spaces available in each faculty.”

That was the policy approved by the Committee on Admissions and Transferability in February 2003 and presented to the General Faculties council on Thu., Mar. 27.

Currently, a guaranteed average is established approximately 18 months prior to the time of admission, assuming unlimited student capacity.

Under the new policy, the university will establish the number of spaces available each year, based on a five-year rolling average. When more applicants apply than there are spaces in a given year, the spaces will be filled "on a competitive basis."

"I don’t think it will have a huge effect on students who are here now," said Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Jayna Gilchrist. "It would cause a lot more uneasiness in potential students because you don’t know what gpa makes it."

The university will publish a list of gpas required for admission in the previous three years, though that gpa will not guarantee admission.

"I think they’ll still admit the same number of people, they’re just changing the system," she said. "In the situation where they have over-admitted, less people will flow in with the fact that they have the enrolment cap."


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