The Bill Popplewell Award

Can there be anyone more deserving of this award?

Who knows? Either way, with such a deserving cast of nominees it would be hard to say that anyone who received the award would not deserve it.

As the 2002/03 Male Rookie of the Year, Geoff Kerr has even more to be proud of than just his outstanding season with the cross-country/track and field team. Along with receiving the Bill Popplewell Award, Kerr was also recognized as the cross-country CIS Rookie of the Year, and was named a Second Team All-Star.

“It was a bit of surprise,” said Kerr. “I really did not expect to win, but it was nice to get recognized for my efforts with both the track and cross-country teams. I’m just glad I made the right decision to come to the U of C. I also have to thank my training group and coach Doug Lamont for helping me obtain this.”

When asked about winning the award over his fellow candidates, all Kerr had to say is: “There is no true winner here and it will be fun competing against these athletes in the future.”

As for the future expectations, Kerr feels the only thing he has to do now is look toward the World University Games and make sure he helps his teams medal in the CIS.

Canada West Rookie of the Year, a member of the Canada West Rookie Team, CIS Rookie of the Year, and All Canadian Rookie Team member. Am I forgetting anything? Ah yes, the latest recipient of the Bill Popplewell Rookie of the Year award.

If you have yet to guess who this athlete is, you must not be a volleyball fan.

Only in her first year, Janelle Findlay made her presence felt. As an integral part of her team it was no wonder Findlay was a choice pick for all her awards. And after being chosen as U of C’s latest Rookie of the Year, Findlay remained modest.

“I was excited about the award because it comes from the U of C community,” said Findlay. “It feels good to know I chose the right school and now I will just have to work harder.”

With awards come expectations, and Findlay knows that there may be more weight on her shoulders.

“I feel like I raised the bar for myself. Now I’m looking to build more strength over the summer so I can come into next season feeling fresh and ready to go.”

Findlay knows that this award is not only a reflection of the hard work put in by herself, but also her supporting cast.

“If I had to thank some people it would definitely be the coaches, Linda Henderson and even Chad. And if it wasn’t for my teammates I never would have adapted to the speed of the game, they were so encouraging.”

As for her fellow nominees, Findlay had this to say.

“It’s too bad we couldn’t all share in the moment and that it only come around once for all of us. They all seemed like a deserving group of great girls.”

The only other accomplishment left for Findlay is that pesky national title that keeps slipping through the fingers of the talented women’s volleyball team. Perhaps now, it’s only a matter of time.

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