Kicking it back with Tracy Keats

So one day, this Newfie decides to make a trek across Canada. As she makes her way through Saskatchewan, she suddenly stops her car. The Newfie couldn’t believe her eyes–there was a person sitting in a boat in the middle of a wheat field pretending to row. The Newfie yelled at the person “what the hell are you doing?” The person replied: “the field waves back and forth just like the ocean, so I decided to ride my boat.” The Newfie–completely appalled and embarrassed, screamed back: “you know it’s people like you who make Canadians look stupid–and if I could swim I’d come over there and kick your ass!”

As a fifth-year Dino Tracy Keats has never been one to make anyone look stupid. She has always played with dignity and class throughout her years with Calgary.

This six-foot-two-inch middle from Gander, Newfoundland has much to be proud of.

As a member of the Dinos women’s volleyball team, she has helped the team to two Canada West Conference titles as well as a second-place finish this season. The past three years have also seen her team go to Nationals, where in the 2001/02 season they clinched a silver medal. Personally, Keats received recognition as a CIS tournament all-star for her fourth place finish this season, and was again recognized for her hard work and skill by being named to the Canada West second all-star team.

Along with her accomplishments on the court, Keats found success in the classroom. As a student of athletic therapy she was a recipient of the Mona Foisie Memorial Scholarship, an athletic therapist entrance award, and is a CIS Royal Bank All-Canadian.

With her university career now at its end Keats is looking toward her future. As a member of the Canadian national B team–Keats is looking to take her volleyball career one step further.

“I plan to train hard this summer and try to get a spot on the national A team,” said Keats.

“I was hoping that being on the A team will give me the opportunity to play some pro in Europe,” continued Keats.”

But her time as a Dino has left her with many memories–even though she did not have many to share with me.

“I’ll always remember the time when I knew we had the coolest head coach (Kevin Boyles). We were riding in one of the rental vans, running around, picking up stuff for everyone when Amanda Moppett decided to whip a nib at Kevin. She hit him smack in the face, but Kevin just gave a goofy smile, picked the nib up off the floor, ate it, and kept driving,” reminisced Keats.

“The next best thing I can think off is when we were off on a retreat this season. We had to write down some thoughts on paper and place them in a hat that Kevin was holding in font of him. But Jill Friend wanted hers back. Kevin wouldn’t let her have it and in the fight to get it back, Jill accidently grabbed Kevin’s crotch–but I’m pretty sure she was going for the hat,” said Keats.


When asked to leave some advice behind for her team she said this: “Train hard and take care of your body. You may not hurt now–but you will. If you train hard you will feel great and feel super confident,” stated Keats.

Keats is just the kind of modest player most look up to–but not according to her.

“I think you have to know your good to be modest–I think I’m just naive” said Keats.

Naive? Maybe she was the Newfie in the car?

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