King Crimson, The Power To Believe

“Women don’t like us,” replied guitarist Robert Fripp dryly at a recent press conference in answer to the question, “Why aren’t there any female King Crimson fans?” Actually, the answer could have been “People don’t know us.”

Unfortunately, the most innovative and risk-taking band working today is far from being a household name, and sadly, their latest CD, The Power To Believe, won’t change that.

The new songs, self-termed by the quartet as ‘nuevo metal,’ are powerful and majestic in their darkness and intricacy. The CD is a testament to how unique and difficult the music is while also featuring a little a cappella courtesy guitarist/vocalist Adrian Belew. And of course, there are the trademark some ‘soundscapes.’

No, Tony Levin and Bill Bruford haven’t been in the band for eight years now and yes, Warr guitarist Trey Gunn and drummer Pat Mastelotto do a superb job of redefining the heavy rhythm section.

King Crimson are often refered to as a ‘musician’s band’ and are known for being at their best in a live situation, (I can vouch for that). However, this disc is a fine studio representation that even a novice might enjoy.

..Ken Clarke