By Вen Li

May 8, 2003 convocation. Students graduated with degrees from Environmental Design, Graduate Studies, Law, Medicine, Social Sciences and Social Work. Ninety-two new doctors (above) were among the graduates, and the Order of the University of Calgary was presented to the Faculty of Medicine’s Dr. Eldon R. Smith. Local historian Trudy E. Cowan received an honourary… Continue reading Convocation

March and April busy for fuzz

By Adriana Hunstad

In March and April, Campus Security dealt with incidents including trespassers, theft, and alcohol poisoning. In March, a few transients arrived on campus by LRT. One intoxicated man fell shortly after leaving the C-Train station, resulting in a cut on his forehead. He was provided with first aid and sent to hospital. Another intoxicated man… Continue reading March and April busy for fuzz

New scholarships for students

By Вen Li

The General Faculties Council is expected to approve 12 new undergraduate academic awards, and 14 new graduate awards at their Thu., May 15 meeting. Values for the undergraduate scholarships range from $200 to a full year’s tuition, while graduate scholarships range in value from $300 to $6,000. Proposed new scholarships for which undergraduates must apply… Continue reading New scholarships for students

Lost and not found

By Вen Li

Students and others on campus may be disappointed that their lost possessions will no longer be guarded. Because of campus-wide budget downsizing, Campus Security has stopped collecting found items valued at $1,000 or less, according to Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. “The U of C for many years has provided a lost and found service… Continue reading Lost and not found

Students return from China

By Вen Li

Twelve University of Calgary students in China will return early from their studies due to concerns over SARS. As of early May, there were eight confirmed cases of SARS in Nanjing, where the U of C students are studying as part of the university’s Term Abroad Program. Because of health concerns, the program has been… Continue reading Students return from China

Down with musical films

By Karoline Czerski

Is razzle dazzle coming back to life? Are we witnessing a new era where Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger are icons to starving actors who no longer expect to simply recite lines, but also practice dance numbers in the street and sing passionately in the shower? Don’t fret, all you musically challenged artists, if this… Continue reading Down with musical films

Oscar, meet Eddie

By Lawrence Bailey

The party of the year. The place to see and be seen. A great fucking time. There are a million and one ways to describe the Big Rock Eddies and none will ever do them justice. Ed McNally is one of Calgary’s favourite sons, and the Eddies are one of the city’s favourite events. The… Continue reading Oscar, meet Eddie