It’s finally here

By Lawrence Bailey

It’s the rush of hot air that hits you square in the chest as you step outside after a long day cooped up in the office.

It’s that "ow-that-hurts-my-fucking-feet" feeling of scalding hot pavement.

It’s the absolute relief once you scamper onto moist, lush, green grass to literally cool your heels.

It’s walking out of the bar at 2 a.m., a little sweaty and a little drunk, realizing it’s still hot out and you’re only wearing a T-shirt.

It’s the mountains, and the fact they’re only an hour away.

It’s going 120 km/h with the windows down, singing along at the top of your lungs as the wind blasts you in the face.

It’s the smiles on the faces of everyone you see.

It’s the backyard bonfire with your family.

It’s running into that old friend from high school that you used to have a thing for but haven’t seen in years and spending the night catching up.

It’s getting her number.

It’s not having to warm up your car every god damn morning.

It’s jumping the fence of an outdoor swimming pool and skinny dipping at four in the morning.

It’s when you really regret not sticking to the workout regimen you tried to start after New Year’s.

It’s your old crew coming home from school.

It’s raging house parties, just like in high school, only now you know how to drink and not feel like dying the next day.

It’s waking up to a sun-filled room, serenaded by song birds.

It’s walking across campus and seeing people playing guitar, tossing a frisbee around, or just soaking up the sun.

It’s that beautiful burning feeling on the back of your neck.

It’s weekends at the lake.

It’s 17th Ave. in all its mayhem and glory.

It’s the e-mails every week from friends travelling to exotic slices of heaven the world over.

It’s striking up a conversation with a total stranger.

It’s an excuse for anything.

It’s the nostalgia of childhood friends, childhood memories, summer camp, and the always profitable lemonade stand.

It’s the late night thunderstorm.

It’s walking barefoot through Prince’s Island Park, smiling at how much fun kids can have running around in circles.

It’s wondering why dogs constantly run around in circles.

It’s the smell of someone barbequing as you’re out for an evening stroll around the neighbourhood.

It’s Lovely Day by Bill Withers.

It’s smoking a joint or two with good friends and setting out on the most epic of quests–whether that’s going to 7-11 or venturing into the river valley.

It’s leaving town for the sake of leaving town.

It’s not work.

It’s live music and the belief that everything will work itself out.

It’s everything you’ve been waiting for, everything you’ve been missing and forgetting how good it really is.

It’s knowing you need to appreciate it, because this is Calgary and it could snow at any time.

It’s summer. Love it.

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