Redevelopment and expansion to be finished

June 17’s Students’ Legislative Council meeting marked the beginning of redevelopment and expansion in MacEwan Students’ Centre–possibly for the last time.

Passing their first readings were a $230,000 expenditure to complete redevelopment and expansion of MSC and a $40,250 for a point of sale system.

Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston wants to restart redevelopment and expansion and finish the job. Included in his plan is a $30,000 renovation to redevelop the Clubs Space business centre into more clubs offices. Preston believes more clubs offices will be more useful than the existing business centre.

"We’ll put club offices in the lunch room, which is what the business centre is being used for," said Preston. "Basically we’re just drywalling."

Preston’s proposal includes five offices which could fit 20 clubs into that space. However, some members of SLC believed the business centre still serves a purpose.

"I agree with more club offices, but I really don’t agree with leaving 50-70 clubs without space," said Academic Commissioner Mark Counsell. "They would have no space to meet."

Also discussed was the approval of $40,250 for a point of sale system for the used bookstore and Copy Centre when they move into the retail corridor. Preston presented two POS systems for council approval. While the costs for hardware and training are the same, the price for software is different. The DAS system costs $18,750 and Octicana is priced at $30,000.

"Octicana will take ten months to set up and with DAS it will open in the new Used Bookstore/Copy Centre for September," said Preston.

The 2003-2004 SU Budget also passed its second and final reading.

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