Committed to a Bright Future

What can you say about a band who once threw their own fresh feces on an unruly crowd and are proud of it? Nothing that sings much praise.

Dog Fashion Disco know how to write a song with two parts, but the problem is that this is the only way they write their songs. For most of this CD, the songs sound much the same and there is no way to distinguish between them without looking at the track number.

They are also following a new trend of telling everyone which genres they don’t fall under. What point are they trying to make if they do happen to fall under a certain genre quite well?

They are a metal band. A bad metal band. However, if someone wants to ease their way into metal from hardcore punk, or vise versa, DFD is a good way to do it. And the best thing about it: once you’ve eased right in, you can throw the CD away without feeling bad.

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