Computer malware course still drawing ire

By Вen Li

Controversy continues two weeks after the University of Calgary announced a course in which students will study computer viruses. The course, entitled Computer Viruses and Malware, drew criticism for including a component in which students would study computer viruses by re-creating existing ones. Graham Cluley, Senior Technol- ogy Consultant for Sophos Anti-Virus, challenged the university’s… Continue reading Computer malware course still drawing ire

CFS defends bar


The University of Waterloo Federation of Students faces a challenge as university officials moved to seize the management of the student bar and all associated revenues, according to the CFS. “This heavy-handed approach by the administration at the University of Waterloo is another example in a growing list of instances where local Administrations interfere with… Continue reading CFS defends bar

Online Used Bookstore delayed

By Lawrence Bailey

Efforts to bring the Used Bookstore into the twenty-first century have hit a snag. A proposed $40,000 dollar upgrade in the area of point of sale systems, database creation and e-commerce is being temporarily put on hold by Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston. Preston is wary of the price tag currently attached… Continue reading Online Used Bookstore delayed