All quiet on the university front

It’s summer time again, which means the number of students on campus has drastically decreased.

"It was a quiet month, which is typical of July and August, and no students for the most part. It has been very quiet with Mini-University and summer camps," said Campus Security Assistant Manager Ken Kress.

On a July afternoon, a non-campus male in his early twenties was spotted riding his bike unsteadily near Lot 1. When Campus Security officers approached him, they discovered he was intoxicated. He was subsequently banned from campus, but returned a few days later, also intoxicated.

"He was found to be trespassing, so police was contacted," said Kress.

Tension reigned at the Olympic Oval after a disgruntled man verbally abused an employee over a coupon. The coupon was for a different establishment on campus, and the man was upset to pay regular admission for his sons’ public skating session. He returned a few days later, ranting to the same employee. She immediately contacted Campus Security.

"They had a discussion regarding his behaviour, and he calmed down with Campus Security," said Kress.

He was then given the proper contact information and left quietly.

Also at the Oval, a hockey player was injured after striking the rink boards. Oval staff and Campus Security officers assisted him until EMS arrived. He suffered from a dislocated shoulder and broken clavicle.

A university rental car parked in Lot 3 was a target for thieves.

"When they [Campus Security] reviewed the CCTV recording, they saw three males looking in the vehicle," said Kress.

The recording took place two hours before the offense, at which time the perpetrators smashed the steering column and dash area. Calgary Police are currently investigating.

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