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After budget cuts at Campus Security, an office relocation, and a few rumours Safewalk was disappearing, the volunteer-based organization is still up and running 24 hours a day. The University of Calgary was unsure about the fate of Safewalk following budget cuts, however both the SU and Campus Security want to let students know Safewalk is recruiting new members and is not in danger of shut- ting down or changing at all.

"Everything is status quo," commented Katie Cupello, Safewalk’s coordinator. "We’ve moved offices and there was discussion about keeping Safewalk, but we are still offering the same [service]."

The Students’ Union is also completely behind Safewalk, they continue to advertise and push the concept of campus safety to the student body.

"From our side we have an agreement we’re all aware of," said SU VP events Richard "Krafty" Bergen. "Safewalk is continuing on, we support it and we advertise for them. It’s going strong."

Safewalk is always looking for new members. Those who wish to volunteer at Safewalk can reach Katie Cupello at 220-5333.

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