Trial for Travel Cuts delayed

The trial concerning Travel Cuts’ ownership, scheduled to start in September, has been temporarily delayed until January.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs, John McNair, was appointed for a four-month term as prosecutor with the Anti-Crime and Corruption Unit in Bosina and Herzegovina. The four plaintiffs, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University and University of Western Ontario, claim the sale of Travel Cuts to the Canadian Federation of Students was illegal.

According to U of A Students’ Union President Mat Brechtal, Association of School Councils, a now-defunct organization, created Travel Cuts. When CFS formed, AOSC members migrated to the new organization. Those not part of CFS don’t receive revenue from Travel Cuts or benefits like free AIESEC cards.

"Travel Cuts should be owned by all student associations in Canada," said Brechtal. "The service is owned by students and it’s for students. It’s not based on association."

CFS National Chairperson Ian Boyko thinks the case is a "flight of fancy."

"It’s an inconvenience to have the trial and then delay the trial," said Boyko. "It’s frivolous on the behalf of the plaintiffs. We want to wrap it up."


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