25 MB is all anyone needs

During those fruitful months of summer while students were away, a new e-mail quota was implemented at the University of Calgary. As of mid-August, students and staff will no longer be able to fill their inboxes with hundreds of e-mails without paying attention to their maximum disk space.

Undergraduates are now only allowed 25 MB of e-mail space for their incoming and stored messages, while faculty, staff, and graduate students are allotted 100 MB. While this may seem like a lot of space for the ordinary scholar at first, a disk space restriction might be a problem for some.

"Due to the exponential growth in disk space usage, something had to be done," said U of C IT Services Manager Jeremy Mortis.

With the arrival of the new students and the return of the old ones, it was too taxing on the IMAP servers to allow continued unlimited e-mail space.

For those wishing to know more visit www.ucalgary.ca/it/email/manage.html or call the IT Support Center Help Desk at 220-5555.


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