An SU BBQ for the clubs

We have all had those days at work that cause us to smell for days, our eyes to water, a few burns on our hands, our clothes ruined, and smile that just will not go away. Well, perhaps not quite all of us. For a few of us elected types here in the Students’ Union, we get two opportunities for this kind of experience. For one reason or another, many of us jump at the chance.

On Friday, up at the old ballroom, there will be a great deal of accidental burns, dark and thick smoke, perhaps a little cursing under our breath, a line-up, and grease that will ruin our clothing. For students that are members of clubs, this is one of the two times a year they will get a free burger (beef or veggie) and a free beer or pop. The SU’s wind-up to Clubs’ Week in the fall semester happens with a free barbeque for club members. For some, this is a good start to the weekend. For others, this barbeque is the start to Friday night celebrations. For even others, it’s just a burger and a beer. At any rate, you need to be a club member to enjoy.

There are about 160 clubs that are currently sanctioned by the Students’ Union. These clubs cover a multitude of different interests, many of which were on display this week in MacEwan Student Centre. Many of the clubs you can join at any time during the year, although there are two weeks a year such as this one that serve as membership drives for many of them. In the little time that is left in Clubs’ Week, I encourage you to walk around and see the different clubs. If you do join a club this week or if you are already a member of a club, you should come out to the barbeque.

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