DAY TRIP: Scurfield Hall, ICT, Engineering

If your planning a ritual sacrifice on campus, don’t bother doing it in those drab cookie-cutter buildings. Praise your pagan god in style in one of the fabulous buildings belonging to the faculties with money. Slit the throat of a virgin goat in the Haskayne School of Business’ Scurfield Hall. While you’re there, visit the beautiful atrium or take a peek at the topnotch business library. Calgary businessman and shaman Ralph Scurfield, whom the building is named after, built Scurfield Hall as a tribute to the Sumerian god Gozer.

If your deity is one more suited to silicon and binary take a trip to the ICT building. This seven-storey glass structure houses the fearful computer science and electrical and computer engineering students. Cleaning the blood out of the unfinished concrete floors will be a snap, and you can grab a bite to eat at the various eateries housed in the building. Take in a lecture at the spacious new lecture theatres or go for a ride in the fancy glass elevators.

The engineering complex is made up of six wings, so there’s plenty of room for any kind of ritual sacrifice requiring large animals. Built in the shape of a horseshoe for a mega-mecha horse that was never built, you’ll find all sorts of engineers skittering through its halls, from the shifty electrical engineers to the cannibalistic chemical engineers.

Whichever building you choose, remember to have fun and respect the ignorance of the heathen masses.


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