TIPS: Helpful and tidy

Lowly University has dug into its archives to unearth these gems.

• Frequent Campus Rec users have been known to carry stinky sneakers and still-damp-and-getting-very-moldy bathing suits to and from school, squished into their backpacks along with textbooks and peanut butter sandwiches. Instead of creating a thriving ecosystem in your backpack, get a locker with optional towel service.

• The first or second week back at school, they will go on sale at the equipment room for a monthly fee that is about the same price as a movie ticket. Treat this event like a line up for JT and Christina tickets. You’ll likely get a locker if you’re there at least two-hours before they go on sale.

• The showers aren’t too grubby looking, but foot germs are nevertheless rampant and a threat at any public shower. Keeping a pair of flip-flops in your locker if you’re jumping in the shower after exercise is always a good idea.

• Date someone living with their parents. Free food, free food. Free food. (And shotgun celibacy saves you the cost of contraceptive devices.)

• First-year students living away from their family and friends, or those in long-distance relationships may want to set aside a fair amount of their budget to cover phone bills.

• When going out for a night on the town, drink before you go. This way you can ensure you arrive with a smile on your face, and you will only have to buy a couple of drinks at the bar. Working part-time can be an easy way to increase the amount of money available for entertainment.

• Instead of signing up for credit cards (even though there are cute salespeople offering free gifts), just stick with your debit card. Many students forget real money is spent with a credit card, not monopoly money.

• A cup of coffee each morning before class can add nearly $40 to your monthly expenses. Invest in a thermos.

• Bring a bag lunch as often as possible. It’s much cheaper and probably a lot healthier.

• Double-side your bed sheets. You should change your bedsheets every one to three weeks. It took me four months and a nasty itch to figure this one out. Just flip-em over every couple of weeks (to a maximum of four flips) and you’ll be fine

• Piles of money can be saved when you refrain from seeing shitty mainstream movies. Instead, treat yourself to arthouse films at the Uptown Stage and Screen (612 8 Ave. SW) and Globe Cinema (617 8 Ave. SW). Added bonus: you can use your U-Pass to get there. Occasionally, the Plaza Theatre (1133 Kensington Rd. NW) will show mainstream movies. And they all have student discounts. Personally, the Uptown Theatre is the way to go. Pete Harris is pretty cool and the popcorn, delish. Try it with lemon pepper.

• Don’t bother lugging your textbooks to class. Chances are your prof won’t refer to it in any useful way.

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