Transit, useful as a superfluous nipple

In addition to cowboy hats and virtually untainted beef, Calgary’s transit system can deliver you from point A to point B but not, under any circumstances, point C (where A is the university and C is one of the outlying residential areas). Without your brand new U-Pass, an hour and a half of use costs $2.00 while a monthly pass will remove $65.00 from your wallet or purse. The U-Pass costs $56 a semester and is up for renegotiation this fall.

The C-Train

At over 720 square kilometres, Calgary can seem a daunting adventure, but with a central light rail transit system that runs every 15 minutes (5 minutes during peak periods), even an idiot can navigate its daunting size. Yes, you. Idiot.

Four main routes comprise the system: northbound traffic runs on the Brentwood line (eventually, Dalhousie line), southbound on Fish Creek Lacombe, northeast-bound on Whitehorn and City Centre for a return to the downtown core.


Unfortunately, there are no simple answers to the confusing questions that are Calgary’s innumerable bus routes. Fortunately, there is which offers a complete listing of all routes. As well, Teleride (974–4000) offers up-to-date arrival and departure times for all bus needs. Beats walking.

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