Clearer skies for Reznet

By Peter Stein

Residence students can now freely surf the Internet or check their e-mail from their dorm rooms, hassle-free on the wireless Reznet.

"The majority of student issues have been resolved," said Joel Lynn, Residence Life Assistant Manager. "The system is currently stable and we are monitoring current developments in residence."

Residence Students’ Associa- tion Vice-President Apartments Bryan West also had encouraging news.

"For the most part, the network seems to be working now," he explained. "There was bound to be problems in the beginning with hardware installation."

"This was our first go-around, so there was bound to be some complications," said Lynn. "Another contributing factor was the difficulty working with the older buildings and therefore made installation tricky."

As for a possible refund for students who still had to pay the $24 monthly bill in September, there still has not been any public announcement from Reznet.

If any students in Rez have questions or concerns about their connections, they are urged to call Residence Services IT at 220-6533.


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